Business today is fast paced, competitive and driven by our ability to build trust and rapport with our colleagues and clients.  That's why the Business Etiquette course is the perfect compliment to technical expertise and on the job training where team members discover the skills to build confidence, professionalism and better represent themselves and your business.

What will participants learn?

  • How manners in business build relationships

  • Introduction protocol - how to introduce yourself and others with polish

  • Navigating business meetings - how to confidently greet guests, host or attend a meetings with clients or senior management

  • Business card etiquette - when and how to seamlessly exchange during meetings and events

  • Tea and coffee etiquette - top rules to know to win the business over coffee

  • Mobile phone etiquette

  • Email etiquette

  • Business faux pas to avoid - what are the most frustrating business bad habits?




It has been said that there is no more obvious display of manners than at the table.  Whether your team members are dining with high net worth individuals or colleagues, excellent dining etiquette is a wonderful way to host clients, build relationships and build your business.

What will participants learn?

  • How to navigate the place setting

  • How to correctly hold flatware, stemware and napery

  • When, how and how often to pause

  • How to excuse yourself discreetly

  • Hosting skills : how to control the menu, wine list and flow of the evening

  • A toast for all occasions

  • Top ten faux pas to avoid at the table

  • Habits that win people over at dinner

  • Settling the bill with discretion and grace



Professional Image.jpg

We make a first impressions quickly, so time and money invested in our image delivers rich rewards.  Many studies show that dressing well lifts morale and productivity in the workplace. Sending the snappy dressers on this course is a good way to ensure a consistent message about personal brand and image throughout your business.

 What will participants learn?

  • The value of a positive first impression

  • How to dress to represent the best version of yourself

  • Dressing choices that build trust and loyalty

  • Dressing faux pas for the professional wardrobe

  • Dress code definitions, from business casual to black tie

  • How to build credibility and trust in clothing choices

  • Self assessment exercise - what do your outfits say about you?




Whether attending a Christmas function or hosting a client event, the art or introducing others and circulating seamlessly will ensure guests trust you with their attendance, their business and their referrals.

What will participants learn?

  • How to enter the room with presence

  • The art of introducing others with thoughtful descriptions

  • How to delicately excuse yourself

  • Which dress code applies to which function

  • Hosting skills : who to introduce to whom

  • How to meet influencers at an event

  • How to hold your glass, canapes and napkin in one hand

  • The art of posing for photographs and what to do with your hands

  • When and how to leave graciously, should you say goodnight to all?


Frequently asked questions

How long is each course?

Courses are up to 1.5 hours in duration with the exception of Dining Etiquette which is best within 2 hours, where possible.

How Many Participants are in Each Course?

The courses are best suited for 6 - 20 people as a workshop and can be adapted for keynotes or larger groups in theatre style or conference settings.

What is the Cost?

We structure our fees based on the number of participants and time. We have special rates for one session, half day, full day and keynotes, please get in touch to discuss details.

What is included?

Each participant will receive either a workbook, e-workbook or handout to aid learning. We also have a state of the art evaluation form and follow-up system to embed learning.

Who should do this course?

These courses works especially well for the following:

  • High performance teams

  • Professional development programmes

  • Teams dealing with high net worth individuals or companies

  • Graduates

  • Induction program attendees

  • Team members seeking professional development

  • Sales executives looking for an edge over competitors

  • Customer/client facing team members seeking polish

  • Support staff seeking polish and professional development

  • Anyone looking to for increased professionalism and confidence dealing with clients or senior executives

  • Teams with a declining standard of dress or conduct