About the Online Business Etiquette Course

The online Business Etiquette course is designed for busy people who would like to become more polished, professional and polite from the privacy of their own home or device controlling the pace and timing of the course themselves.   


All the amazing topics normally only available to our corporate partners is now available online!  Each module is brought to you by Anna Musson, who has a depth of knowledge to ensure you are up to date and ready for work.  Topics include video, images and short bursts of text.  

  • Business Etiquette basics

  • How to make a good first impression for work

  • Introduction protocol - how to introduce yourself and others with polish

  • Navigating business meetings and interviews

  • How and when to exchange business cards

  • Tea and coffee etiquette - can you scoop the froth?

  • Mobile phone etiquette - what are the new rules for work phones?

  • Email etiquette - including online conduct

  • Top 10 (or twelve) Business etiquette mistakes to avoid

Who Should Do this Course?

If you are looking to become more professional and confident, have better outcomes from meetings with clients and superiors, or preparing for job interviews, this course is for you.

It is suitable for those who are:

  • Entering or re-entering the workforce and looking to brush up on best practise

  • Graduates preparing for the workplace

  • Looking to win the next job interview

  • Seeking polish and increased professionalism

  • New to Australia and familiarising yourself with local etiquette

How Long is the Course?

The course has four modules which should take about an hour or about 15 minutes each.  If you love it, you can do it all again!

How Does it Work?

We use an external platform to host the course, when you click on the link below the course landing site where we use Paypal as our secure payment system.   You can complete one or all modules at once and if you want to improve your score, do the whole course again. If you have any questions they come through to our team who are happy to answer them for you.  We have worked really hard to make sure the course includes as many helpful scenarios as possible, but we are always happy to hear what you think we should include.

What is the Cost?

It's currently only $49.  

What Other Courses can I do Online?

Dining Etiquette is next! We are offering these subject to demand so Dining Etiquette next, we are working on it.