Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Good manners are about putting other people people first.

Good etiquette is about following the rules that we, as a society have decided are appropriate for every scenario we find ourselves in.  While the rules are not a secret, many among us have not delved into how to be polite in every situation, and may find ourselves looking to change our position in life.

Knowing the rules will open doors to better jobs, better social circles and a happier life, because as you develop good habits, like thoughtfulness and new courtesies, you will notice your company is enjoyed by a wider circle of people.  Clients know you will never make a joke at their expense to ease social tension, hosts know you will never arrive empty handed and management appreciate how to grasp the dress code for every occasion.

Whether BBQ's or boardrooms, the little things can actually be the big things.  And the big things, well they can change the world.  Let's take a closer look.


Thought for the day: Open the door for others, on every occasion, regardless of gender.

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